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Parents who live abroad are bound by school policy to appoint an education guardian for their child, the guardian takes over various responsibilities from the parents.

Education guardians are appointed by parents to care for international students in the UK for students aged under 18 studying at independent boarding schools. With UK Visas and Immigration

introducing requirements for suitable care for international pupils, it is now more important than

ever for parents and schools to insist that students have competent and properly appointed

education guardians.


An Education Guardian may be a family member, a family friend, a guardianship agency, a host

family, or others responsible UK-based adult.

Overseas parents may use a guardianship agency to appoint an

Education Guardian on their behalf. Guardianship agencies usually offer a range of service levels and

arrange holiday accommodation as well as acting as Education Guardian for their pupils.

Guardianship agencies will usually arrange host families to provide accommodation for their pupils,

although sometimes other accommodation options are available. Where host families are used, they

will be responsible for providing the pupil with day-to-day care, accommodation and meals. In some

cases, but not all, guardianship agencies will arrange for the host family to also act as Education

Guardian for the pupil. If the guardianship agency arranges accommodation for the child or young

person, the agency will be responsible for ensuring the quality and safety of the accommodation

including the necessary Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks.


The Education Guardian's responsibilities may include :


-In regular contact with students and providing advice and support as needed.


-The Education Guardian will care and take responsibility for parents if student is unwell, suspended or expelled.


-The role may also include being authorised to make certain decisions concerning the student on the parents' behalf, such as consenting to emergency medical and dental treatment.


-Dealing with matters of a disciplinary nature.


-The Education Guardian may arrange travel for the pupil and provide or arrange accommodation

  for student.


- Attend parents’ meetings if required.


- Educational guardians must be capable of responding immediately to situations that arise at school and must     be contactable by telephone and/or email, and be in a position to travel to school at any time.





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